Portion Calculator for Cats

Some handy calculators for your first time making raw food and more...

Daily Portion

If you're not sure how much to feed your cat for each meal, you can find out by entering your cat's weight here!


Every cat's activity level and digestion ability is quite different. During food transition, it is best to track your cat's weight twice per week to ensure you're on the right track.



Total Daily Portion:

Feed Twice Per Day:

Muscle per Meal:

Bone per Meal:

Offal per Meal:

Treat Allowance:

​Other Suggestions:

​Chicken Bone Percentage

Enter weight of the chicken and select the cut of meat.



Bone Weight:

​Muscle Weight:

Simple Eggshell Recipe

This is a great transition or test diet to raw food for cats of all ages, from kittens to elderly cats.


You can provide different cuts of meat, organs, fatty fishes and eggs to make it a complete meal.

During the transition, you can also add treats or cans your cat loves, to encourage them to try the new food.


​Liver and Other Organs:

Eggshell Powder:

Whole Raw Eggs:

Daily Energy Requirement for Ill Cats

When your cat is sick and refuses to eat, feeding intervention must take place. You must weigh them everyday, and calculate their basic daily energy needs to ensure that they maintain their strength to battle with illness.

For healthy cats, the best and easiest way to monitor their health and keep them in their best shape is to adjust the amount of food given and weighing your cat regularly.


​Energy Requirement:

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